Million Software

Payroll System

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) wants to make itemized payslips compulsory within the next two years and employers are expected to prepare for the changes. Hence, purchasing a payroll computerized system will assist to provide computerized payslip to all employees.

In additional, CPF and IR8A form can be directly generated form our system and upload on to the CPF and IRAS websites. Companies can also tap on various government schemes to defray the cost of payroll software purchases.

Feature highlights:

– 3 pay rate types – monthly, daily and hourly
– Overtime calculation at rate of 1.0 times, 1.5 times, 2.0 times or 3 times
– Annual and medical leave tracking
– 17 allowances and 15 deductions available for customization
– Generation of statutory forms: CPF Form 91 and IR8A
– SDL & FWL table for monthly deductions
– Supports CDAC, MBF, SINDA etc. deductions


a) Statutory forms: CPF Form 91 & IR8A
b) Management Reports & Operation Documents

– Payslip
– Pay Summary: Basic Pay/Allowances/Deductions/Overtime/CPF
– Personnel and Payroll Report
– Leave Reports – outstanding leave v. exhausted leave
– Work Force/Turnover Analysis
– Net Pay by cash/bank
– Yearly Employee Pay Summary